Real Mommy®

An innovative method that simulates perfectly the breast of your puppy’s mother, bringing it during the delicate breastfeeding phase. Designed for those puppies which didn’t have the possibility to stay with their mother during the first moments of life.

This product has passed several tests on puppies of different species and sizes and was patented on May 2018.

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Drink, puppy

The puppy will be able to drink like it was nursed by its mother. For imprinting it will not hesitate and it will feed without any problems.

In this way you could take care of it without risking malnutrition during its first months of life. The Real Mommy is a product designed for all kinds of puppy and it is available in different sizes.

There’s nothing like Mommy

Mommy is suitable for rodents, dogs, cats, bats, piglets and other species.


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Very Suitable

Real Mommy is suitable for all mammals.

Ideal for infants

It simulates the maternal breastfeeding and it facilitates nourishment.

Parental treatments

For imprinting the puppy will not feel strong lacks.


It prevents pneumonia and ingestis thanks to a falling system of liquids that avoids to ingest air, as with the common baby bottles. The puppy, can’t ingest an exaggerated quantity of milk, because its leak is not forced: the milk comes out only if the puppy sucks as happens in nature with the maternal nipple.

The device allows a natural and correct posture, thanks to the shape designed to be stable on the ground, without the risk of overturning, this helps not experienced people because there is no need for manipulation, that is present in the common baby bottles.

The stress factor is reduced to zero also for the possibility to contract bacterial infections, besides the already mentioned benefits.

It is very useful especially for wild animals which will have to be reinstated in nature, so as not to imprint them keeping their wildness, that will be helpful for their future.

Since the device is made entirely in silicone, wear is reduced compared to the baby bottles currently on the market, and it is completely washable and sterilizable in hot water.

The hole, present also on the common teats, can be made with a big needle. The difference is that on the teat the hole always remains open, causing a leak of milk also in absence of suction; with the Real Mommy the hole remains closed, it opens only when the baby sucks.

Another benefit lies in the fact that, thanks to the silicone, the hole could perfectly close when the device remains untapped for a long time, this allows to re-personalize it according to needs.

It is known that the Hole has to be made on the basis of puppy’s size and voracity.

The device is very practical because it minimizes the time taken for each milk feed: you just have to heat the milk and then fill the tank with the required amount. Indeed, the device has been designed to make the puppy autonomous, as happens during its growth with the mother.

The benefits connected to the realisation in silicone are different: among them there is the material softness (especially in the nipple), important feature to offer the most natural solidity enabling the puppies to suck with less effort, this helps very weak puppies, that normally struggle to feed also through the smallest teats.

This weariness generally leads the puppy to discouragement and, consequently, to nutrition refusal (cause of death).

Versatile and suitable for each requirements, thanks to the different sizes, especially for the nipple, it can be used for many species, also the smallest ones (such as rodents).

Moreover, being equipped with supports they can be adapted to different stages of growth and they can have more stability if the device is placed on blankets.

The choice of its very realistic design wants to deceive the puppy thanks to the combination of softness and realism; all of these factors mean that the puppy behaves like it was in nature, reproducing also the typical alternated movements that they usually do with the front two legs, by reducing almost zero the shocking maternal separation.

For which kind of puppies is it recommended?

Real Mommy is available in different sizes: ideal for puppies of all sizes, from lambs to goats, piglets, big and small dogs, ferrets, cats, rodents, bats… even cows!

It is recommended if you are a person who loves taking care of puppies, if you volunteer in some association, if you handled situations of abandonment of puppies. It is designed for parks, protected oasis, veterinary offices or if you have a puppy in trouble.