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Baby Licantropo, Ottobre 2017: There is so much on the internet these days, it’s sometimes hard to decipher the real from the fake. Photos of a baby werewolf circulated on social media, claiming the creature was found in Malaysia. The rumors brought upon some controversial responses but is the human-faced creature actually real? The Bucket List Boys join our RightThisMinute hosts on-set to figure out just what this thing is. While they’re at it, they check “host a television show” off their bucket lists! We’re glad to help boys!

Baby Pig, Agosto 2018: Silicon art has the power to appear incredibly realistic — just take a look at Laira Maganuco’s work. You might remember the baby werewolf we showed you in October last year. This pig-baby-hybrid is Laira‘s latest internet craze. Not only does it look incredibly life-like but the thing moves. Thoughts?


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Universes N°4 – Italian Edition – Pagine Ed.

«The universe is a sphere whose beam is equal to the range of my imagination», affirmed Ardengo Soffici, suggesting a double and true consideration: cosmos and mind are not only an infinite space, but they are able to be in continued expansion, impossible to enclose. In this way, every human being becomes an explosive source of creativity and experiences, a big bang that craves to make visually habitable its thoughts. Every single volume of Universi series must be considered as a galaxy able to include numerous artistic planets to visit. The stranger, ready to venture into this interartistic and intergalactic journey, will have no choice but to meet these different life forms, all of them primarily aliens, all of them incredibly human.

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